5 Ways Companies Can Build Trust While Implementing Health and Safety Practices During COVID-19


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Overnight, our expectations for our relationships with our employers and companies we work with have evolved. Today, we ask new questions of organizations like, “can I trust this company?” as an employee, customer, and citizen to protect my safety and the safety of others? In normal circumstances, most people are unaccustomed to proactively sharing health information, especially with our workplaces, local communities, or with businesses we engage with. Yet, with a global pandemic in focus, the calculus can change. In fact, a recent survey indicated 89% of Americans would be willing to share some level of personal health information if it would help organizations keep them and their coworkers safe in the reopening process.

3 Principles To Help You Rethink Your Approach To Customer Data


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Customers behave differently during crises, and our data strategies have to adapt. During the dark days of the financial crisis of 2008-09, when I led an analytics team at a marketing agency, I met with the CMO of a U.S.-based credit card company. She had noticed a disturbing pattern in her customer data: early-stage companies were charging more on their cards but missing more payments. Heavy late fees made their burdens worse, at the worst possible time.

Prep, Present, and Follow Through: How To Nail Your Next Sales Presentation


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When it comes to building an effective sales presentation, no one-size-fits-all sales deck exists.

Every sales presentation you deliver to a prospect should be personalized and tailored just for them. Successful selling today is about establishing yourself as a trusted advisor. Cookie-cutter messages won’t do that. So how should you get started?