20 Quotes from Bullish Sales Leaders

By Amanda Nelson

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As more teams become bullish on smarter tech, the sales industry will experience an entirely new way of selling. Flexible cloud technology tools now let you chart your own course so you can spend less time trying to work around a clunky sales process and more time closing deals. These trends and changes are exciting, yet it makes the task of choosing sales technology endless. At the same time, the basics still apply. As shared by Gary Vaynerchuk in a recent Leading Edge webcast, “In sales, you have to be good at your craft, and you have to love your craft. If you don't love sales, you have no chance.”

Top Salesforce Growth Hacks and Little-known Tips

by Derek Handova

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For digital native startups and agile enterprises, Salesforce has become ubiquitous in business—even more than the mobile phone. But not everyone uses it to its full potential. And frankly with Salesforce's tangential moves into healthcare, consumer e-commerce, communications and media and other peripheral markets, its core community of cloud users might feel abandoned.

Salesforce has a bright history, brighter present and the brightest future. It doesn't need to "kill" companies.

by Stephen Cummins CEO AppSelekt, CSO Academic Innovations, Runs Salesforce.com

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These sensationalist headlines are kind of ridiculous. Salesforce and Microsoft are not trying to "kill" each other. The Salesforce - IBM partnership is a major challenge to many other companies from a competitive perspective. Microsoft owning LinkedIn is a major challenge to Salesforce and many other companies from a competitive perspective. 

Your Customers Love the Classics: Why Email Still Matters for Marketers

By Ron Pereira

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Email marketing is not, never has been and never will be sexy. Year in and year out we hear about its eventual demise.  Yet, each year retail marketers are reminded that email marketing drives the highest ROI of all digital marketing channels and that shoppers prefer email above all other channels for direct communication from brands.