Out of the Cells: Break Free of Spreadsheets with CRM

By Brandon Reynolds

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After looking at a spreadsheet for hours on end, those pages start to look kind of like prison bars, don’t they? The cells look like, well, cells. Spreadsheets have been a useful tool for managing information, but now, the amount of data available is too much to effectively navigate with the average spreadsheet — or, worse still, the notepad.

Scale the Peak with Salesforce CPQ! by Anika Harvey

Salesforce CPQ customers are improving the speed and accuracy of their quote to order process in order to scale their business. With our CPQ solution, companies are able to decrease the amount of time they spend on quoting through faster quote approvals, faster quote delivery, and a quicker ramp for new AE’s.

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8 Tips for Aligning Sales and Service

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Today, businesses have a wealth of terrific choices when it comes to applications and platforms for both sales and service, including commercial products from software vendors, as well as applications that have been built in-house. Many businesses have tackled optimizing their sales process with cloud software at one point in time, and the tools for the customer support department at another. The result? Silos in process and technology that often create disconnected customer experiences because businesses lack the 360-degree view they need of each individual customer to deliver the kind of experience that customers expect.