Customer Relationship Management (CRM) enables visionary companies to implement business solutions that span marketing, sales, service and support by optimising business processes to create cost effective competitive advantage, improved productivity and enhanced business efficiency. AdvanceForce Solutions firmly believes that CRM is not a technology purchase but a strategy. We therefore offer CRM solutions and consulting services to ensure that our customers obtain maximum value from their investment.  Many companies are in need of a roadmap on how to maximise such value. From implementation and integration to user adoption, AdvanceForce Solutions provides our customers with a full-lifecycle approach to CRM. This ensures results for every section that Salesforce touches from sales and marketing to human resources and finance, putting our years of expertise as a collaborative partner to work for you.

At AdvanceForce Solutions, a successful engagement is one in which our services deliver quantifiable value. We deliver more than technology solutions, we offer a consultative approach that brings creativity to problem solving and innovation that addresses tomorrow’s potential business challenges. This consultative approach ensures we add value to both IT and executive management alike.

Why partner with AdvanceForce Solutions for implementing Salesforce CRM?

  • Automate inefficient processes:

     The automation of manual processes becomes increasingly more important as workforces demands greater mobility. To help reduce unnecessary expenses, AdvanceForce Solutions offers a range of consulting services and applications that help companies leverage Salesforce to automate outdated, manual or repetitive processes, improve access to information, drive process improvement resulting in a much more flexible and mobile workforce.
  • Optimise your CRM investment:

     AdvanceForce Solutions applies a holistic approach to help companies optimise their CRM investment. We use specialised tools to provide for seamless integration between Salesforce and other cloud-based or on-premise systems. As such we help to release the inherent value locked up in scattered islands of information. Our Service as a Service frees up our client’s limited internal resources to focus on other key business issues.
  • Scalable:

     Today, companies rely on cloud-based solutions for flexibility and scalability. Your business will change over time.  We help ensure that your Salesforce system keeps up with the requirements of your business – enabling you to get the most out of Salesforce.
  • Improve adoption and usage:

      Salesforce CRM requires a major investment. Proper training, user adoption and access to relevant information all contribute to extract optimum value from CRM. An improved end user experience with Salesforce, greater adoption and usage result in improved efficiency and better collaboration across departments and locations.