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AdvanceForce Solutions is a member of the AdvanceNet Group and a Cloud Alliance Partner of Salesforce.com in South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa. We are your single point of contact in South Africa for Salesforce CRM. A totally customer focused business with an excellent track record of very successful Salesforce CRM implementations and custom developed Salesforce applications and systems integrations. Our extensive experience combined with our unique implementation approach is the key reason for our CRM successes and the very high user adoption rates that our Salesforce customers enjoy. By managing and sharing strategic business information in a collaborative way, a good CRM becomes a formidable business weapon and a critical business resource for driving efficiencies and competitive advantage. Deep integrated CRM should be a priority for management demanding a meaningful return on investment in customer centricity across their Marketing and Sales and Customer Service functions.

Exclusively Salesforce.com

Enjoy the benefits of the most complete Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution in the world. It’s time to delight your customers by connecting and collaborating with them – and with your employees – in new and powerful ways. Join more than 100,000 companies relying on Salesforce, a dynamic, cloud based Social Customer Relationship Solution.  Avoid the hassle of software and hardware, cumbersome upgrades and tedious training and retraining. A world where everything is always maintained and updated in the Cloud to accommodate your changing needs.

Solution Provider

As a Salesforce.com Independent Software Vendor (ISV) we build custom cloud computing applications on the Force.com cloud development platform using agile development principles.  We also represent a number of industry specific and general business solutions from application providers on the Salesforce AppExchange.

We specialise in Salesforce CRM related applications for Financial Services, Technology Providers, Project Offices, Brokerages, Dealerships, Marketing Automation, Field Marketing, Contact Centre, Mobile Computing and Telephony Integration.

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As a division of the AdvanceNet Group, we have been practitioners and evangelists of Deep Integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in South Africa for many years. We use a common implementation methodology across our Group. Our consulting resources have been working exclusively with Salesforce.com since the first Salesforce implementation in South Africa. We have extensive experience in desktop and systems integration, mobile computing, business intelligence and data warehousing. We understand the dynamics of sales teams, marketing and customer service organisations. By cooperating with prominent international Consulting Partners and ISVs of Salesforce.com, we continuously enhance our portfolio for the benefit our African customers.

SuccessForce Services

Our number one priority is to ensure that our implementations are successful and that we delight every customer. To achieve this we offer a range of innovative services and support bundles to maximise customer delight. Based on our experience with several successful implementations, our SuccessForce offerings are designed to provide expertise, content and best practices to accelerate your success, mitigate risk and to evolve with your needs. The objective of our SuccessForce Services is to ensure the success of your investment in Salesforce. This requires careful planning, implementation, user reinforcement and optimisation of best practices for CRM in the cloud.

SuccessForce- Planning and Implementation Services

We deliver CRM success through careful planning and by relying on our extensive experience in Salesforce deployments across many industries and business segments. By using agile principles and the powerful Force.com development platform, we build and customise Salesforce systems quickly. AdvanceForce Solutions experts provide the strategic guidance and hands-on experience that your organisation needs to maximise the success of your initiative and provide business value.

SuccessForce Education Services

It’s easy to get going with your Salesforce.com solution and realise almost immediate value for your organisation. However, to optimise your Salesforce implementation, you can take advantage of the services from AdvanceForce Solution's Education Team. Our comprehensive training programs make learning easy, convenient and relevant to your business challenges and the individual roles of your users. Education programs aimed at training your systems administrators to optimise the Salesforce deployment – like using advanced features or creating more significant reports and dashboards. Organisations of all sizes have much better adoption and usage rates after participating in our workshops. These workshops are facilitated for users, administrators, power users and developers. We reinforce this with the on-line learning provided within every Salesforce user license.

SuccessForce- Support Services

Support and administration expertise are critical to promote user adoption and to sustain a successful implementation. Our SuccessForce Support Services help you extract continuous value from your Salesforce investment. With our Service-as-a-Service we provide emergency assistance with zero latency. You will have peace of mind, knowing that an experienced AdvanceForce Solutions professional is supporting and administering your Salesforce system as well as monitoring your success.