Data Quality Assessment

Be assured you have the most accurate data at your fingertips.


A proactive way to ensure data quality in existing Salesforce systems

Companies rely on high quality data to run efficiently, improve sales and communicate effectively with internal and external stakeholders. As a Salesforce integration services provider, AdvanceForce reviews and analyses data in Salesforce to determine what information is valid and what information is redundant or otherwise useless. By using AdvanceForce’s data quality assessment, customers can be assured they have the most accurate data at their fingertips to improve business processes

What it will deliver:

  • A comprehensive review of your existing Salesforce.com data
  • An analysis and data quality report
  • Lead and contact scenarios for master record identification
  • Exact proportion of bad data to total data
  • Data quality control solutions to cleanse and maintain health of data

Our Data Quality Assessment is designed to measure and analyse the validity of your existing data. Our expert consultants will provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your data, a data quality score, and a proactive solution that will improve and maintain the quality of your data.

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