Solutions to Accessorise and Optimise

Accessorising your system with strategic add-ons is an easy way to enhance your products. We assess tons of tools so you don’t have to; we confidently recommend the best-in-class products for your business process automation needs.


Unlock the full potential of Salesforce CRM


AdvanceFlow allows organisations to streamline their operations by automating, executing, and monitoring business processes from beginning to end

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DocuSign makes it easy to securely collect information, automate workflows and legally sign any document electronically. Whether you need to get documents completed remotely, in person

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DNetstock is a cloud-based inventory management solution which helps businesses handle purchase orders, customers, suppliers, demand forecasting and more on a unified platform

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Jet Reports

Skynamo is a cloud based field sales management software and mobile sales app that improves sales revenue and cash flow by bridging the gap between field sales reps and finance.

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As a division of the AdvanceNet Group, we have been practitioners and evangelists of Deep Integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in South Africa for many years. We use a common implementation methodology across our Group. Our consulting resources have been working exclusively with Salesforce.com since the first Salesforce implementation in South Africa. We have extensive experience in desktop and systems integration, mobile computing, business intelligence and data warehousing. We understand the dynamics of sales teams, marketing and customer service organisations. By cooperating with prominent international Consulting Partners and ISVs of Salesforce.com, we continuously enhance our portfolio for the benefit our African customers.