Delight your customers

Connect with your customers in a whole new way with Salesforce. Drive efficient sales processes and support full sales life cycle to give you control over the complete customer journey


Unlock the full Potential of Salesforce CRM

In today's competitive business landscape, customer delight is a key differentiator. With Salesforce CRM, you have the power to create exceptional customer experiences that drive loyalty, satisfaction, and ultimately, business growth. At AdvanceForce Solutions,we're here to guide you through the process of leveraging Salesforce CRM to its fullest potential, enabling you to exceed your customers' expectations at every touchpoint.



Salesforce is a cloud based CRM system that drives efficient sales processes and supports the full sales life cycle to give you full control over the complete customer journey - from lead generation processes to repeat sales processes from loyal customers.



A holistic cloud based multi-channel marketing automation system for social media listening and customer journey management. Excellent marketing automation tools for awareness building and demand generation excellence, delivering high quality leads to the sales team.


A cloud based customer service application that completes the customer life cycle. A comprehensive support service toolset for case and job management. A full function, field-service management toolset for scheduling and supporting engineers in the field.



Build customer and partner communities. Give customers and partners omni-channel access to relevant data within your system service to improve your ability to service and support your customers and to reduce your cost of sales and service.



Powerful tools for configuration of Salesforce systems, development of additional functionality, systems integration and building stand-alone software applications.


An echo-system and market place for thousands of additional apps and functionality extensions to support almost any business model in any industry.


As a division of the AdvanceNet Group, we have been practitioners and evangelists of Deep Integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in South Africa for many years. We use a common implementation methodology across our Group. Our consulting resources have been working exclusively with Salesforce.com since the first Salesforce implementation in South Africa. We have extensive experience in desktop and systems integration, mobile computing, business intelligence and data warehousing. We understand the dynamics of sales teams, marketing and customer service organisations. By cooperating with prominent international Consulting Partners and ISVs of Salesforce.com, we continuously enhance our portfolio for the benefit our African customers.