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We are committed to enhancing your organisation’s Salesforce.com CRM effectiveness by offering a full array of implementation solutions.

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Successful Salesforce.com implementations require a great deal of planning, commitment and strong support from your company’s leadership team.  We offer a number of different implementation methods.

  • Gap Fit - Project based methodology for implementing custom Salesforce CRM functionality.
  • Force.com -  Custom application development

5 Steps to a successful implementation

  • Discover
  • Setup
  • System Integration
  • Data Services
  • Administration Training and Update Services
Before you begin your deployment, have a plan. You wouldn’t build a house without a set of blueprints, so why deploy your Salesforce CRM or Force.com project without a plan? Don’t lose team credibility as a result of a failed implementation. Let AdvanceForce design implementation, training, communication and roll-out plans to ensure your ultimate CRM success. We provide requirement specifications, mapping of existing business processes, and gap analysis assessments where applicable. We work hard to understand what problems our clients are trying to solve and create measurement systems to ensure expectations are met. Contact us to have a no-obligation conversation about your project.
You shouldn’t pay for our learning curve. With that in mind, we have staffed our team with experienced salesforce.com consultants that have been involved with many Salesforce CRM implementations. We will have one or more scoping sessions based on the size and scope of your project. We will also review interim progress regularly to keep you informed of progress and ensure that we stay in alignment with your expectations
Information in your various enterprise systems frequently becomes more valuable when systems are integrated. AdvanceForce consultants will work with you to design and manage any required integrations. We make use of Salesforce and other well proven integration tools as well as custom integration solutions for connecting your Salesforce CRM or Force.com applications to data warehouses, ERP systems, accounting solutions and other enterprise databases. Contact us if you want us to assist you with Salesforce integration requirements.
Our clients’ data often resides in many places such as Outlook, Excel spread sheets, the accounting system, ERP systems, personal contact managers, etc. To ensure your team is off to a running start, we can help you make the decision on what data to migrate to Salesforce CRM and get the data moved. We believe that for your team to be the most effective, they should spend minimal time re-entering data. Training becomes most effective when they train on the fully configured Salesforce CRM which has been configured specifically for your organisation and has been pre-loaded with your company’s existing data. We also believe that you current most likely need to be cleansed, de-duplicated and properly structured.
Not only do companies need training on the initial deployment, but periodic feature training is recommended. Salesforce.com provides approximately three major releases a year for its Salesforce CRM product, all of which have hundreds of features. You’ve already paid for the application and platform. Let AdvanceForce improve your results by helping you maintain your edge. Our training and update services may also include: Release reviews of the latest features available from Salesforce. Advice on the implementation of new functionality that becomes available three times per year. Recommendations to improve your overall CRM results, user adoption and usage.