Are you getting the most value from your Salesforce CRM?

Stay up-to-date by regularly monitoring and updating your CRM system with the latest updates from Salesforce.com. With our on-going Health Check service, we monitor your Salesforce application on a regular basis to ensure you’re getting the most value from your Salesforce CRM solution. Health checks include information about your usage of the Salesforce system and suggestions for improved utilisation.  An inexpensive way to make sure you are optimising your system and extract maximum value from your investment in people, processes and technology.

Designed for existing Salesforce.com customers where ANY of the following attributes exist:

  • Deployed Salesforce CRM more than one year ago
  • Salesforce CRM was self-implemented
  • A change in the system administrator during the past year
  • A change in executive or sales leadership in past 6 months
  • Company underwent a re-organisation, acquisition or merger

The Health Check of your Salesforce CRM system will identify:

  • Salesforce CRM and Force.com features not utilised
  • Areas where best practices are not used
  • Incomplete or poorly structured configurations
  • Absence of security protocols
  • Deviations from standards of maintainability
  • Ideas and opportunities to improve your results
  • Review of new features

What it will deliver:

  • A review of your Salesforce org setup by an AdvanceForce consultant – online
  • Direct contact by a specialist to gain additional insight into problem areas
  • Hard copy summary of findings and recommendations
  • Review session to discuss the findings/recommendations
  • Highlight areas for improved adoption and usage – Advise on causes and improvement of usability
  • Identify areas where best practices can add value to your business
  • Highlight security and other risks

By doing regular health checks, you will benefit from our experts who are able and ready to help you extract optimum value from your investment in Salesforce CRM as well as taking advantage from on-going Salesforce releases to benefit your business.